Imagine A Day Without Water

The Value of Water Campaign

The Value of Water Campaign is supported by top leaders from across the water industry committed to raising awareness about the importance of water and the often-invisible water challenges threatening our country.

On October 21, the Value of Water Campaign hosts an annual day of action, Imagine a Day Without Water. Imagine a Day Without Water raises awareness about the need to invest in water and wastewater infrastructure by asking Americans to imagine a day without life’s most essential resource.

Imagine no water to drink or wash your hands with. No water to shower, flush the toilet, or do laundry. Hospitals would close without water.

Firefighters couldn’t put out fires and farmer couldn’t water their crops. Especially during a public health crisis that emphasizes the need of good hygiene practices and hand washing to keep us all safe and healthy, no one can take water for granted.

Infrastructure Projects

View the latest improvement projects preparing the way for cleaner water for tomorrow.